The GAA has announced the return of the Shinty / Hurling International Exhibition match, which will see Ireland take on Scotland in a composite rules game for the first time since 2019.

This event will be held at Páirc Esler in Newry on Saturday October 21 at 3 PM.

The Shinty/Hurling International Exhibition match has been a long-standing tradition, bringing together top talents from both Scotland and Ireland in a showcase of shinty and hurling skills.

The event is a collaboration between the GAA and the Camanachd Association, the governing body for Shinty.

“On behalf of the Gaelic Athletic Association I welcome the resumption of our collaboration with our friends, neighbours and sporting cousins in Alba agus An Cumann Camanachad to stage the Ireland-Scotland Hurling-Shinty international,” said GAA President Larry McCarthy.

“This match is an opportunity to celebrate our ties and the cultural links between our proud peoples – chief among which are the games of hurling and shinty which share a common ancestor.”

“Next year, the Gaelic Athletic Association will be 140 years old but, that is a mere trifle in the life span of hurling, which later this decade will mark 3,300 years in our consciousness.”

“Rules have changed dramatically in the last 140 years never mind 3,000. But what the games of hurling and shinty continue to champion are extraordinary levels of skill and feats of stamina and strength that people marvel at.”

“Nothing celebrates Gaelic Games more than the playing of games and that is why this link between the GAA and the Camanachad Association is so important.”

“Our games are built on the pride of people representing their home place and community. The honour of representing your club can lead to the opportunity to represent your county. The ultimate honour is to be asked to represent your country and I know it is an honour that is treasured by the Irish and Scottish players who have that opportunity at Páirc Esler.”

“We are thrilled to bring back the Shinty/Hurling International match after the break, and we can’t wait to witness the exciting rivalry between Scotland and Ireland once again,” added Steven MacKenzie, President of the Camanachd Association.

“This event showcases the great level of talent in both sports and celebrates the rich cultural ties that unite our nations. We look forward to announcing the squad and further details in the near future.”

Each organisation will select a 20-player squad to travel to Newry in the coming weeks.

The Irish team will be managed by former Connacht Hurling Director, Damien Coleman and Scotland will be managed by Garry Reid.