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The Europa League Final between Sevilla and Inter Milan became the most-watched game in Sky Italia’s history over the weekend with an average of 1.56 million and a peak of 2.53 million tuning in to see Inter Milan go down 3-2 to Sevilla.

This is especially notable in that the game was also shown on the free to air TV8 channel which produced a peak of 8.61 million.

The combination generated what was a 31.1 per cent share of the available viewing audience at the time and was a full 21 per cent up on last year’s final between Chelsea and Arsenal.

The value of a home team appearing in the final of a big tournament was also evidenced in France where a record-breaking 11.4 million tuned into free to air TF1 on Sunday night for Paris St Germain’s first Champions League Final.



Elsewhere on Sport for Business today we cover the story of this evening’s Toughest Summer documentary on RTÉ.

Over the last five weeks, elements of what will make up the show have been released on a scheduled basis across YouTube and social media.

It has been the latest in a series of content productions from AIB backing up the bank’s sponsorship of GAA at club and county level.

Having Ross Whittaker on board as Director has stepped the commitment up a gear or three and we can be assured from what has gone before that this will be a high-quality production.

With media revenues down and programming schedules torn apart by the Covid 19 pandemic, it is likely that we will see more of these co-productions not only between brands and broadcasters but also across multiple media channels.



If you’ve been listening to podcasts over any length of time you will have come across Bill Simmons.  It is among the A-list of shows across the United States and with good reason.

If you’ve never come across it or have deleted it from your listening bank then now would be a good time to get back.

Simmon’s twin sporting passions are Basketball and American Football.  Normally there would be clear blue water between the seasons but in this year of years the Bubble Playoffs in Orlando are crashing up against the final few weeks of pre-season for the NFL.

Simmons is as good a guide as you will get on both.

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