Thanks to all those who joined us for our fourth Sport for Business Webinar looking at the worlds of data and measurement in sponsorship.
It was a great session with Noel Martyn, the Intelligence Director of Core Sponsorship and in it, he covered not only the why of measurement but also gave us case studies and real-world examples of the how.
There is a great look behind the numbers of how EA Sports chose the cover star for their Madden Game, based on a wide variety of data points and a peek at some of the recognition technology that can be used to measure the respective contribution of each sponsorship asset.
We finished out with a good Question and Answer session including just how much of a budget should be put towards measurement in order to keep on improving a sponsorship.
We will be back with another block of Webinars starting the week of April 20th, they have proven to be very popular, so watch out for the Sport for Business Daily Digest next week on what they will be covering.

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