Rowing Ireland is hosting a webinar with Mark Pollock this evening looking at how in expecting problems we can begin to explore possibilities.

Pollock is an inspiring figure becoming an adventure athlete after going blind in 1998 and then becoming a global powerhouse in campaigning for those with spinal cord injuries after breaking his back in 2010.

His Mark Pollock trust is the beneficiary of the Run in The Dark which won the Pitch award at last year’s Sport for Business Partners event. It is working towards creating technology that will enable those who cannot walk to do so again.

It promises to be en event to remember for those who attend.

The NGB is playing smart as well inviting attendees to register using the Rowing ireland membership and club affiliation, driving those who are curious to explore the possibilities themselves of a deeper engagement with the sport.

“In the midst of a crisis, spectators sit on the side lines holding back. Competitors step into the arena as they pursue success and risk failure. The choice is ours.”

Find out more about tonight’s webinar, which is supported by Rowing Ireland’s main commercial partner Kinetica.