As the coronavirus outbreak continues to impact all industries, businesses and communities, having the right intelligence to stay informed is critical.

To help our industry, ONSIDE and Sport for Business are conducting a special COVID-19 SPORTS IMPACT MONITOR over the coming days which aims to help us collectively understand and navigate key areas of impact from COVID-19 on the sports and sponsorship industries in Ireland.

As a key stakeholder in the industry, we are inviting Sport for Business Members to be part of the ONSIDE COVID-19 SPORTS IMPACT MONITOR by completing a short survey, the first wave of an ongoing research monitor of Sport for Business Members in the weeks and months ahead.

The information gathered will be completely anonymised and aggregate before being provided back to all Sport for Business Members that take part.

“With such a strong reach across the key stakeholder groups of major sponsors, sporting organisations, media organisations, agencies and other bodies with a vested interest in the business of sport, we can collectively shape an understanding of where we are now and how the journey over the next few weeks and months can be navigated,” said Sport for Business CEO Rob Hartnett.


“Our input as a community to this foundation wave is extremely valuable, and the results of this survey will serve as a key reference point to where we are now today as an industry as a result of the impact of COVID-19, and what the future looks like.”

ONSIDE and Sport for Business will continue gathering and releasing new data through future waves, and in this first wave, you will have an opportunity toward the end of the survey to identify future topics you would like included and explored in the next wave to ensure we are getting you the information and insights you want and need most.

The results will be analysed by Sport for Business member ONSIDE – leading specialists in Sponsorship and Research Services in Europe and North America. They have a proven track record and strong industry experience in a cross-section of sectors.

“At all levels of sport, the hit is hard,” said ONSIDE Founder John Trainor.

Brand Marketing Lens

“Looked at through the brand marketing lens, we know that 6 in 10 brands in Britain are currently delaying or reviewing their marketing budget commitments, with discussions about cutting budgets in part due to lack of funds, but also due to not wanting to prompt demand.”

“It is important that the game plans for sponsors and rights holders in Ireland are built on hard fact and with this research, we aim to bring this to the table.”

“As part of a shared goal between ONSIDE and Sport for Business, we are committed to keeping the industry updated on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the sports and sponsorship industries,” continued Hartnett.

“We will share the results of the survey and continuing ONSIDE COVID-19 SPORTS IMPACT MONITOR with all participants from among the Sport for Business membership.”

Anonymous and Confidential

“All responses will remain anonymous and confidential, to be used only for the purposes of this research and to be analysed in the aggregate with other participants’ data.”

We hope you will consider participating in this important research, and in so doing get the best possible benchmark on where we are and how we will step forward together.

The survey will take approximately 8-10 minutes to complete and is available to complete from today until Monday, morning April 6th.

We thank you in advance for your participation and look forward to sharing the results with you.

Sport for Business Members will be sent a link to the survey as a separate email after this morning’s Sport for Business Daily Digest.

If you are a Member and have yet to get your survey link please contact us today quoting COVID-19 Sports Impact and we will get the link to you.