Luis Rubiales has resigned from his position as President of the Spanish FA and Vice President of UEFA with immediate effect.

In keeping with his bizarre and unseemly actions at the stadium in Australia and since, he announced the decision by way of a clip of an interview with British journalist Piers Morgan on a subscription channel Talk TV which launched last year with a Donald Trump interview and has a clear eye on publicity.

“Today at 9.30pm, I transmitted to the Interim President of the RFEF Pedro Rocha, my resignation letter,” Rubiales said in a statement issued last night shortly after the clip of the interview began to circulate online.

“I also informed him that I did the same with my position at UEFA so that my position as the vice-president can be replaced.”

“I have faith in the truth and I am going to do everything in my power to make it prevail.

“My daughters, my family and the people who love me have suffered the effects of a blatant persecution.”

Lat month Rubiales’ mother had gone on a hunger strike in her local church but was taken to hospital two days later and then discharged in the company of her son.

Jorge Velda, the spanish manager was fired from his position last week and it now appears that Spain can finally get back to the delayed celebration of the performance of the actual team rather than those around them.