The strategic aim of a new partnership between Shamrock Rovers and Women’s Aid is to raise awareness and funds for the organisation that works to prevent and address the impact of domestic violence and abuse.

As part of this, 50% of all Women’s 2024 season ticket revenue will be paid directly to Women’s Aid.

The club has given exclusive branding to Women’s Aid in the 2024 season ticket design. This will contain the Women’s Aid logo and contact phone number to help raise awareness of their dedicated helpline.

Season Tickets will go on sale in early February.

“For the 2024 season, Shamrock Rovers and Women’s Aid will form a unique partnership that will focus on the promotion of women in sport as well as striving to prevent and address the impact of domestic violence through a series of educational and promotional events,” said Rovers CEO John Martin.

“To emphasise the commitment of this relationship between Shamrock Rovers F.C. and Women’s Aid, we will share 50% of the proceeds from our Women’s 2024 season ticket sales.”

“The specially designed season ticket will contain the Women’s Aid Logo and contact phone number to help raise awareness of their dedicated helpline. Season Tickets will go on sale on the 1st of February.”

“Women’s Aid are delighted to be joining Shamrock Rovers in this partnership and to develop how we can collaborate for the coming year'” added CEO Sarah Benson.

“Women’s Aid hopes that it will help promote women’s strength and capabilities – including the talents of the Women’s Teams in the Club – and raise awareness of warning signs of abuse and available supports to help prevent victimisation and assist those who do need help in our communities.”

“We also want to encourage more men to become leaders and allies in the journey towards zero tolerance of violence against women. Womens aid will be sharing our resources and engaging with the Club to encourage and support members of Shamrock Rovers FC to be part of that growing movement of women and men standing up in support of those who might be at risk of or suffering domestic abuse.”

“Gender based violence is a scourge on Irish society and limits the potential of all those affected. One of the most prevalent forms is partner abuse and one in four women experience domestic abuse from a current or former partner in Ireland over their lifetime, with one in five young women experiencing this by the time they are just 25 years old.”

“Abuse should not be ‘a fact of life’ for our young people.   We have, within our grasp, a unique opportunity to really create a zero tolerance of violence and create an equal society for women and girls.  Building a movement of male champions, alongside women, is critical in ending violence against women, and violence against men and children. Everyone.”

The partnership was launched at Tallaght Stadium this morning with Stephanie Roche, Áine O’Gorman, and Jess Hennessy there from the women’s team as well as Stephen Bradley, Aaron McEneff and Graham Burke from the men’s.

Also there was Fundraising manager for Women’s Aid Emily Glen who we remember from the Fair Game Podcast she co-hosted with RTÉ’s Elaine Buckley.




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