The 2024 Sport for Business Smart Minds Series will kick off on Thursday, February 22nd with a discussion on Sport and the Politics of Protest.

The purpose of this series has always been to bring smart minds together to look at a particular issue and see what intelligent respectful conversation can do to inform, educate and perhaps improve.

The world has become an angrier place in recent years, wars in Ukraine and Gaza have thrown the spotlight on sport, while issues around transgender participation and the high visibility of sporting events for protesters in areas of climate change and elsewhere have added to the pressures facing sporting stars, administrators and sponsors.

The history of protest dates back to the 1960s and has always been at its highest level during an Olympic Year just as we have in 2024.

On the morning of February 22nd, we will gather a group of Sport for Business members to discuss these challenges and what sport can do to navigate what can be a treacherous path through a moral maze.

Among the areas we will consider:

  • The history of protest in sport in an Irish context
  • Recent examples of protest
  • Decision-making and stakeholder communication
  • Managing through a protest
  • Protecting athletes
  • Sponsor impact

If you would like to be part of the discussion indicate your interest through our online ticketing service below and we will be in touch with details of the venue and who else will be in the room one week in advance.




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