A group of Sport for Business members will gather at Trinity College in Dublin this morning for the first of our Smart Minds Series of discussions around areas of interest in the world of sport.

Today’s subject has raised temperature and at times fists. Sport and the Politics of Protest will cover a brief history of the subject from the first boycott of the modern Olympics in 1936 up to the recent Basketball match between Ireland and Israel, played under protest in Latvia because we could not guarantee the safety of the Israeli team.

We will then look at some of the key questions, particularly around whether sport laying claim to being a safe space from politics is still valid, what happens when the protest is about something which is the other side of what most of us would find acceptable and more.

The meeting itself will be a safe space taking place under the Chatham House Rule so we will not be naming those present but we will have a report of some of the discussions.

Suffice to say though that the room will live up to the billing of smart minds and is drawn from some of the largest organisations and most influential thinkers we have.

Our Smart Minds Series will take place six times a year with the next events being as follows.

April 2024 – Sport and Sustainability

June 2024 – When will eSports be recognised as Sport?

August 2024 – Sport and the Use of Data

October 2024 – Sport and the Horizons of AI.

If you are a member and would like to take part in any of these, please do reach out to me at rob@sportforbusiness.com


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