This week has seen the closing date for registration of club’s intention to apply for a Sports Capital Grant.

The closing date for the application itself is on Monday, March 1st.

Sport for Business partners 2 Into 3 have been busy around the country conducting online information sessions that have been attended by over 2,000 individuals involved in applications this year.

They have teamed up with a number of Local Sports Partnerships and National Governing Bodies offering their clubs a webinar about how to apply for a Sports Capital Grant. Over 1,000 questions were recorded across the meetings.

The sessions covered the applications process, how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes and how to maximise a club’s score, the higher the score the more likely the application will be successful.

Based on evidence, between 10 per cent and 20 per cent of all applications will be invalid, meaning that the applications were completed incorrectly. Only the top 75 per cent of valid applications will receive funding, which is based on a scoring system.

The Sport Capital Programme is open to all clubs to apply for funds, not only for infrastructure work.

This round also funds non-personal sports equipment which can include protective wear, gym equipment, portable sports equipment, storage containers and much more.

Clubs that are registered with Sport for Business members Basketball Ireland, Canoeing Ireland, Cricket Ireland, Golf Ireland, Triathlon Ireland or who use the Clubforce system can contact their National governing Body to get a copy of the presentations.


Sport for Business Partners