Around the World is a new series of video interviews with Irish men and women around the world who have left our island and are working in the business of sport on a world stage.

The series of ten interviews will kick off next month and run on a weekly basis across the summer in the form of video interviews and in a new Sport for Business Podcast series.

We have identified the first five individuals to appear.  They are working in different countries across the globe and making a real difference in the organisations in which they are based.

We want to hear from you about who the other five in this first series might be.

We will talk about their lives and where their careers have brought them, how they feel about Ireland from a distance and the ways in which they have carved out a niche.

At a time when our world has grown smaller, it has never been more important to remain connected with those who are physically distant but connected to us in ways that are important on many levels.

We are very much looking forward to the journey of where this may bring us.

Contact us today if you have someone that you believe we should be talking to.

Please email quoting ‘AROUND THE WORLD’ in the subject line.