After 14 rounds of intelligence, fun, frustration, the occasional flash of genius and almost 500 devilishly difficult questions we have come to the Grand Final of the Sport for Business Super Quiz for 2020.

It will take place at 12 Noon on Wednesday, July 15th between the teams of Teneo and 2 Into 3.

Both have battled hard to get this far with wins over Leopardstown Racecourse, Wilson Hartnell, Paralympics Ireland, the GAA, RTÉ Sport and Pundit Arena.

Others to have taken part include teams from Off The Ball, Titan Experience, Core Sponsorship, Cara, Dublin City Council, AIG, Legacy Communications and GAA Handball.

It came to life in June as a hare brained scheme to keep the Sport for Business community together at a time when laughs were thin on the ground and so to was the thrill of competition.

Using the technology of the new era of engagement we have been able to do just that and we look forward now to crowing our winners after what will no doubt be another titanic struggle.

We caught up with the two teams to ask them their thoughts on the experience so far.

“It’s been great fun and one of the highlights was a wild guess at Leeds United in the semi final which proved to be, in my mind at least, the key turning point,” said Mick O’Keeffe who has captained Teneo.

His preparation for the Final will now be finding way to crank up the psychological pressure on his team mates Conor Brophy and Peter Sweeney.

It has worked so far and Sweeney in particular is keen to right a wrong from the past.

“I’ve known my place in the quiz world since my current colleague and team-mate Conor Brophy kept me off the St Declan’s CBS Blackboard Jungle team in 1994. They lost in the first round. I’m not bitter…” he told us yesterday.

“Two of our three team members are self-professed repositories of “useless information.” The other, well he’s just a Liverpool fan. It’s a well-balanced team,” said 2Into3 captain Darren McMahon.

Geography and General Knowledge have proved winners so far with Catherine O’Connor’s in depth knowledge of the place that dolphins have in Greek hearts one of the highlights so far.

“Once again, we have done absolutely no preparation whatsoever, assuming that once again our Quizmaster will be fiendish in his subject matter which simply makes it impossible to prepare for,” he added.

We will take that as something of a compliment as we dive into the books one final time in 2020.

The Grand Final will take place live at 12 noon tomorrow and if you want to take an hour out of your day to see how you’d get on should you choose to enter next year, you are more than welcome. We’ll also have an edited version available on Thursday morning.

Register to join the audience for Wednesday’s Sport for Business Super Quiz Grand Final at 12 Noon on Wednesday, July 15th. Password 159400