Our latest Sport for Business Leadership Interview is with Brian Kavanagh, the CEO of Horse Racing Ireland.

We discuss the way in which the sport can lead the way back from lockdown.

We look at the impact on the racing and breeding sectors and how creative ways of changing the way business is done are being found.

We also touch on the impact of Cheltenham and how it was a decision that might not have been right but was taken against a background that few of us had grasped the seriousness of, including the British Government at that time.

“That was the very week that the whole global situation ramped up. I went over on Monday and came home on Wednesday night to a whole different world.

“In hindsight, it would have been better to have gone behind closed doors but things were still going ahead, there was a Champions’ League game and it was ten days before the pubs were closed here in Ireland.”

“Should it have gone ahead? Probably not, but everyone is wise after the event, and the British Government was saying that everything was OK.”

It’s a good interview with detail on some of the supports that the governing body has made accessible to the industry and is well worth a look from all those across sport.


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