Sport for Business is to host Partners 2019 a special event bringing together sporting bodies and commercial brands for a morning of exploration about potential collaborations.

The event will take place in the Conference Centre at the National Sports Campus on Friday, May 31st.

It will include content on the nature of sponsorship in 2019, what sponsors are looking for from engagement with sport and on how to build a successful approach.

A central part of the morning will be an opportunity for sporting bodies to pitch one great idea for a commercial partnership to those gathered in the room.

The opportunity is open to all sporting bodies who are Members of Sport for Business and will also include publication of that idea in a report being published by Sport for Business which will be sent to all business within the Sport for Business community.

“It is a way in which we can highlight the many great projects that are being put together by sporting organisations to those who could make a real difference in terms of bringing them to life,” said Sport for Business CEO Rob Hartnett.

From the brand perspective, they will get to see the best of the best coming out of sport and tie that in with their own plans for the next twelve months.

The presentations will be time-limited and the same across each of the organisations who decide to tell their story in this forum.

They will be judged by an expert panel drawn from the sponsorship sector and individual feedback will be given to each of those taking part.

“It’s a great chance for our sporting and business Members to come together to look at what each side can bring to the other, added Hartnett.

“We will be naming four of those who will be taking part each week, as well as the panellists that will be giving their insight on sponsorship and the highly experienced judging panel over the coming weeks.

Tickets to attend Sport for Business Partners 2019 will go on sale to members on Tuesday, April 16th. Each of the last three major Sport for Business Events have sold out quickly.

If you would like to be involved in the event contact us today quoting Partners 2019 in the subject line and let’s start a conversation about your potential involvement.