This is the first of a new Sport for Business Podcast Series where we look behind the why of sports policy and sports thinking.

We will talk to researchers and those who crunch the numbers behind performance, participation, and different aspects of our sporting life.

First up is Benny Cullen, the Director of Research and Innovation at Sport Ireland.

We talk about the importance of the Irish Sports Monitor, how research guides us toward good choices, and plenty more.

There is the ‘elephant in the room’ the surge of teenage children that is currently coming down the line and how our sporting infrastructure can cope with the additional demands that will come from even standing still in terms of participation rates.

We also look at how we can future-proof sport by looking at what the changes are in terms of the behaviour of the general public.

“There is almost a philosophical question about the nature of competitive sport and whether if that is the only default, how can we stretch the age profile of those taking part in physical activity that they like.”

How do we embrace technology in the same way in structured activity as the general public obviously have?

In four years we increased the use of wearables by 100 percent and one-third of those said their tech had a huge impact on their own activity.

Enjoy the conversation below or download to your Podcast library of choice on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and others.