In this episode of the Sport for Business Podcast we are diving into a real passion of ours, the promotion of Women in Sport.

Our coverage in this area is in partnership with our good friends at Lidl who have been strong backers of Women’s sport in general and Ladies Gaelic football in particular for what is now approaching a decade.

Today’s guest is a pretty special woman.

Rhasidat Adeleke won the 100m and 200 metre double at the European U20 Championships in 2021. She is the holder of six Irish National records and this summer she won Gold not once but twice at the National Collegiate Championships in the United States.

She has chosen now to turn professional and is focused on this weekend’s Irish National Championships, then the Worlds in Budapest, and one year from now the Olympic Games in Paris.

She has signed a pro deal with Nike and is also a brand ambassador with Allianz, also great friends of Sport for Business and partners of the Olympic Federation of Ireland.

We sat down with Rhasidat in Dublin on a rare enough visit back these days and we kicked off the conversation by asking how the first weeks of a professional life have been.

The conversation covers what it is that she hopes to achieve, on and off the track, and plenty more.

We think you’ll enjoy just how positive a person she is.