The Sport for Business PwC 30 under 30 is an annual list of young people making a name for themselves in the business of sport.

PwC is all about identifying and nurturing talent so could not be a better partner in this area of what we do.

This has been our eighth year of the list and we have had the pleasure of highlighting some real stars.

Later in 2023, we will be interviewing those who made this year’s list but before that, we are going back into the archives and dropping in on some of those who went before them.

Jonny Madill was nominated for the list in 2019. Having graduated from Queens University in Belfast he packed his bags for London and is now a partner in the leading Sports and Entertainment law firm of Sheridans.

He leads a busy working life where the lines sometimes get blurred between his clear love of sport and how he works in the ecosystem

There is plenty of sound advice on building your career and absorbing knowledge from those who are willing to give advice.

Let’s see how Jonny’s story might set you thinking about what is important in the way you work.

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