The 2024 Sport for Business Smart Minds Series continues on Friday, April 19th with a discussion on Sport and Sustainability.

The purpose of this series has always been to bring smart minds together to look at a particular issue and see what intelligent respectful conversation can do to inform, educate and perhaps improve.

Climate change and the impact of human activity on the environment that we live in has become an area of real importance in sport, as well as every other area.

It is one of the key concerns among younger people in particular as temperatures continue to rise and doomsday scenarios move from the realm of science fiction to the world of potential reality.

As sport takes an ever larger role in the world in societal, economic and identity terms it is being pushed closer to the heart of the debate on climate change.

Sport is physical and requires teams and players to travel extensively both internationally and domestically. with transport identified as a key agent of change in tackling sustainability that alone makes sport a target for protest and also for increased regulation.

On the morning of Friday, April 19th, we will gather a group of Sport for Business members to discuss the challenges that sport is facing, the initiatives that are already underway in tackling them, and the changes that will be required at every level from playing surfaces to facilities and the organisation of tournaments.

Among the areas we will consider:

  • The Green Agenda for sport
  • International Competitions
  • European regulations
  • Individual and collective change
  • Sponsor Impact
  • Other areas that you our members can identify

It is a chance to take time out from the business of our working lives and think of matters in which we may not have a direct impact but which we can nonetheless have a contribution to make.

Here is a review of what happened at our first Smart Minds Event of 2024 on Sport and the Politics of Protest.

If you would like to be part of the discussion indicate your interest through our online ticketing service below. It is likely that we will once again be oversubscribed in which case we will select as diverse a range of viewpoints as we can.

We will be in touch with details of the venue and who else will be in the room at the end of March.



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