The GAA Annual Report and Accounts is a doorstopper of a publication running to 228 pages and with a greater level of detail and commentary than you would find in any other sporting report.

Over the next week, we will dive into it in detail across areas that are of the deepest interest to our readership, the areas of broadcast and communication, sponsorship, strategy, diversity, and sustainability.  There are stories to be unearthed and highlighted in the work that is being done across what remains the largest sporting and indeed social cohort of people living on the island of Ireland.

Over half of the report is dedicated to the numbers and they are as detailed as you could ever hope for from an organisation that demands more of its participants in terms of time and volunteer effort than any other.  Without that, the GAA could not exist.

They are complex but they are open and available for anyone to pore over.

Here is our stab at picking out 15 numbers to highlight their complexity:



The turnover of the Association at a national level for the 12 months to 30 September 2023.  This figure is down by €16 million on last year’s record with the lack of concerts at Croke Park vs seven the year before and a drop in State funding the two main areas of lower returns.  The turnover figure in 2019 was €73.9 million.


The total gate receipts during the year, enhanced by more games in the All-Ireland Football Championship.  The figure is up €5 million from what it was in 2022.


The amount gained from broadcast contracts with RTÉ and GAAGo.  This was down from €16,578,096 the year before following the loss of Sky and eir.  It is felt that this shortfall will be made up over time with additional value being created through GAAGo.


Sponsorship income at national level was down from €8,136,789 in 2022 but still over 40 percent ahead of where it was five years ago.  Elements of this will have to do with the phasing of payments.  All of the primary sponsors of the Championships are locked in for at least the next three years.


83 cent out of every Euro that comes into the Association goes back out to the different elements from provincial and county to players and other units.


The annual surplus which the Association retained on the latest annual accounts.


The final accrual of value from the purchase and sale of the area on Clonliffe Road that will now be developed with housing, ten acres of pitches in Dublin 3, and a new hotel.


The dividend paid to the GAA from activities at Croke Park.  The stadium is a vital part of the funding profile.


The number that attended seven concerts held in the stadium in 2022 that were not there in 2023.  Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay and Taylor Swift will make amends in 2024.


The number that attended matches at the national level across the All Ireland Championships, the Allianz Leagues and the AIB Club Championships.  564,398 attended matches in the All-Ireland Football Championship and 239,352 in the All-Ireland Hurling Championship.


The total number of teams across all GAA codes registered to play on the island of Ireland in 2023.


The number of knee injuries registered through the GAA Injury Benefit Fund, three times more than ankles or shoulders, the second and third most common injury.


The number of counties receiving central distributions of more than €1 million – Antrim, Cork, Derry, Dublin, Galway, Kerry, Kildare, Limerick, Mayo, Meath, Roscommon, Waterford.


The percentage of ingredients sourced for menus and products on sale in Croke Park that are sourced on the island of Ireland.


The number of tickets retained for sponsors from the 82,060 distributed for the 2023 All Ireland Football Final.

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