As part of our review of how we manage data, we decided to stop sending the Sport for Business Daily Digest to those whose permissions were not fully up to date.

For an online news service that was a bold step but one we felt was right ahead of a number of new initiatives, including a new website we have coming down the line over the summer.

The engagement rate we have with our readers is very strong with over 30 percent of those we communicate with reading our material and learning about the role of our members in the commercial world of sport and the wider world of our society every day.

We feared that removing those ‘on the sideline’ and taking less of a full interest would see our traffic fall before bouncing back.

We were pleasantly surprised, and a little humbled then, when yesterday’s content attracted 68 percent more traffic than the same day 12 months ago.

At Sport for Business, we try our best to bring a light to bear on what is happening at every level of the crossover between sport, business and society. We work hard to bring you news, analysis, interviews and content that is otherwise hard to find.

We thank you for your continued support in finding the service of interest.

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