The cabinet is meeting this morning with the thankless task of deciding which restrictions from Covid to ease and which to retain.

In a sporting context, it looks likely that the indoor/outdoor split will remain with outdoor venues being allowed return to full or near full capacity from this weekend.

Indoor sport though including the Basketball season underway, as well as other events including in Gymnastics will still have to retain greater control on numbers and on checks for vaccine passports.

Everything can change in a heartbeat as we have seen but the NPhet advice which they will be working on does not contain doomsday scenarios, rather it advocates cautious management of health care resources.

The abandonment of masks, distancing and Covid passports appears to be on hold until the end of the year at least with February of next year mentioned in the letter from Tony Holohan.

If the continuation of outdoor sports gatherings and the acceptance of the care taken at indoor venues allowing greater freedom to operate is confirmed it will not have been by chance.

The work on creating evidence-based proposals that have allowed sport to win over entertainment and other sectors of the hospitality business has been calm, collected and effective.

From the Sport Ireland group liaising with the Government to the large venue collaboration across our major sporting arena’s, all the right questions have been asked and answered.

The permitted number of attendees has risen with no repercussions for health and each step forward has been taken carefully but with confidence and purpose.

We should get the reward for that later today.


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