WHOOP is rolling out Menstrual Cycle Coaching to help people who menstruate better integrate their menstrual cycles into their training and sleeping plans.

Menstrual Cycle Coaching gives insights into how the phases of an individual’s menstrual cycle affect sleep and strain from one day to the next.

The menstrual cycle causes dramatic hormonal shifts throughout the month, producing different physiological responses. In some phases, individuals may be more able to take on strain, work out harder and experience higher gains, while in other phases they may need more sleep.

Women have been historically underrepresented in sports science and research, which makes Whoop’s study of the relationship between the menstrual cycle, hormonal birth control, and recovery in partnership with female physiology and nutrition expert Dr Stacy Sims so interesting.

The study, published in the British Medical Journal, uncovered key differences between natural menstrual cycles and hormonal birth controlled menstrual cycles.

Menstrual Cycle Coaching recommends counter-intuitively that maximizing training during a period can have real benefits based on how hormone levels change throughout the month.

That is the time when more testosterone is produced than at any other phase in the cycle. Testosterone supports building muscle and recovery making science make sense for female athletes that have never had access to discussion of their menstrual cycle never mind the science behind how it should be adapted to.

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In a sports science world where the one per cent gains are the holy grail, it is beyond time that such discussions should be taking place. Male coaches should have a better understanding and female athletes should feel comfortable in a conversation about an important part of their physical make-up that does not adhere to tournament or competition scheduling.



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