Media agency Mediacom published a case study on Women’s sport last week which we wanted to share as it illustrates the growth of media, coverage, commercial backing and more that has accelerated well beyond what anyone could have imagined but which is easy to understand.
First some of the numbers…

90 %

The number of female senior executives who had been involved in sport as a young woman. For female CEO’s the figure rises to 96 %
Source EY

45.7 %

Percentage of the Top Ten stories on the BBC Sport home page which featured Women’s sport every day during the summer of 2019.
Source BBC


The amount paid by Barclays to take on Title naming rights for the FA Women’s Super League
Source Daily Mail

64 %

The number of Women’s football fans who are male
Source mediacom


The number of viewers around the world who watched the Women’s World Cup Final in 2019.
Five numbers, every one of them real, none of the aspirational, all of them a spur to ensure that the respect paid to Women in sport in Ireland is not only right but also just in line with how the rest of the world is already performing.
Our 20×20 campaign here, brilliantly conceived and executed is only beginning to scratch the surface.
Compare the 45.7 per cent figure of coverage on the BBC website to the 3.8 per cent coverage devoted to Women’s sport in one Irish national newspaper only last week.
The article was written by Misha Sher who went on to talk about the “ability to demonstrate purpose” as being a compelling proposition for brands targetting young audiences.
We are beginning to scope out the content for our annual Sport for Business Women in Sport Conference in November.  If you would like to join us and help to shape the conversation at this important event, please contact us today.
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Image Credit: Virgin Media