Cricket Preparing for Major New Sponsor

Sport for Business will host a major announcement of a new sponsor for the Irish National Cricket team in Dublin this morning.

Having already announced new deals with Currency Fair and Hanley Energy this week it has been a strong seven days for the sport as the team prepares for next week’s historic match against England at Lords.

Today’s announcement will be of the very highest order with an international brand that will be familiar to all and which has a strong heritage in supporting major sporting teams and events.  It has the potential to really lift Ireland’s cricketing profile to previously unimagined heights.

We are sworn to secrecy about the identity of the new sponsor but it will certainly be one to raise eyebrows and will be made public from lunchtime.

Sport for Business will announce the deal at lunchtime and will have a full report on today’s launch in tomorrow morning’s Daily News Digest.

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