20×20 and KPMG have unveiled two legacy #ThinkItAskIt murals in Dublin and Galway to mark the conclusion of the initial phase of the 20z20 movement.

The two murals are housed at Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin, and Eyre Square in Galway, and will remain in place over the coming weeks to remind passers-by that the conversation surrounding women in sport does not stop now, but instead, should be propelled forward by asking key questions of sporting stakeholders around the country.

#ThinkItAskIt is the closing message from the movement and highlights the choice that we all have to make for what happens next for women in sport.

The call is for everyone involved in sport to ask these questions of themselves and of society, in order to shape how that future plays out.


The unveiling of the murals marks the final piece of the movement and, with Ireland now at a critical stage for women’s sport, highlights how the choices that we make next will be crucial.

The legacy mural pieces aim to inspire the public to ensure that the progress made to date for women’s sport continues, and they serve as a reminder that despite the significant progress made in the last two years, a lot of work is still required for women in sport to be truly valued.

“KPMG, along with our other sponsors AIG, Investec and Lidl, deserve immense credit for their support of 20×20,” said Founder Sarah Colgan.

“Without them, the movement would not have happened. The murals unveiled today highlight our parting message at the end of the past two years and at the culmination of a campaign which Ireland embraced and drove forward.”

“It is now up to all stakeholders in Irish sport to continue the #ThinkItAskIt conversation and grow the seeds which have been planted.”

Last month’s ‘What’s Next for Women in Sport? #ThinkItAskIt’ event, featured a host of international and domestic sporting talent including a keynote address from Martina Navratilova, is now available to view on the RTÉ Player

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