Helen O’Rourke, Ladies Gaelic Football Association

Helen O’Rourke has served as CEO of the Ladies Gaelic Football Association since 1997 but the enthusiasm she brings to the job has never dimmed and is reflected in the continued surge in popularity for the sport.
Last year saw a new record of 46,286 people going to Croke Park for the Final of the TG4 All Ireland Championship.  This year they went better again attracting 50,141 to the game between Dublin and Cork.
Not only are fans coming, but sponsors too.  Both TG4 and Lidl announced multi year extensions of their partnerships during 2018 and the sport has never been in a stronger position.
The number of active clubs and players respectively stands at 1,200 and 188,000 across the country and both those numbers are targeted for growth in the Strategic Plan to 2022 released at this year’s LGFA Congress.
O’Rourke was a teacher in North Dublin in 1986 when she put her hand up as Secretary of the Dublin County Board to try to get more schools involved.  A decade of voluntary effort led to her becoming the first CEO of the LGFA.
She has been a great advocate of Women in Sport at every level and as others have stepped up to follow her footsteps she continues to lead the way for making sport every bit as much for girls and women as it is for boys and men.

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Over the coming weeks, we will identify more leaders on and off the field of play. They will include those who are role models in terms of their abilities and what they have achieved. They will come from teams and individual sports, from sponsorship partners, from the media, from the administrative corridors of power and from places where influence may be subtle but no less powerful.

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