The FAI is to seek as broad a range of views as possible on the way in which the Association should be governed into the future.

A public consultation exercise was kicked off before the weekend with an open invitation to those with a stakeholding or an interest in the sport to make their views known.

The Governance Review Group established by the Football Association of Ireland and Sport Ireland has written to AGM Members of the FAI, the Professional Footballers’ Association of Ireland and FAI sponsors and has invited them to share their views on FAI governance reform via email to

Members of the public are also invited to make submissions. All submissions should clearly identify the person making the submission and their role in football.

Sport for Business will be taking up the invitation and making its own submission the details of which we will publish here.

We are being asked what are the skills, knowledge, experience, attributes, expertise and backgrounds that they would like to see represented on the FAI Board in terms of structures to govern and manage the business of the Association.

They have also been asked what skills, knowledge, experience, attributes and expertise and backgrounds they would like to see represented on the FAI Council.

Stakeholders are asked for any views on areas that should be specifically dealt with by the Committee structure and if there are any other matters that the Governance Review Group should consider. The closing date for submissions to the Group is May 20th.

While the first two areas suggest that the existing structure of the FAI Council and Board will be retained, there is greater scope in the latter invitation to put forward suggestions on alternative potential ways in which the sport can be run at the highest level.

There will be a balance to be created between the way in which an Association which is governed by international rules as well as those of financial best practice can fulfil its obligations while at the same time remain one that serves the needs of those who are engaged at every level from the professional game through to volunteers at kids sessions on a Saturday morning.

Not easy, but not to be avoided. There are plenty of lessons to draw on from across Ireland and around the world and a real opportunity to create a best in class way in which sport can and should be governed.

There will be a fast turnaround with a draft report from the Group expected by early June to facilitate rule changes ahead of the Association’s AGM in Trim at the end of July.


Image Credit: Sportsfile