Today’s Sport for Business Daily comes from the United States where we take a look at a new report into Direct to Consumer offerings from major sporting organisations.

We are joined by Dheeraj Ravula from Atlanta and Lisa Aussiekier from San Francisco do dive into the MediaKind report published today.

Taking information from around the world it highlights where the future is going in relation to streaming, how often people are looking to engage and how much they are willing to pay.





Some sporting organisations are offering streaming as a service to fans but the vast majority are confident enough to charge a subscription fee.

This ranges from 15-minute segments of games all the way through to annual passes.




Because it is still a fast developing world, the price point has yet to find a final point of settlement.  That said there is a consistency in terms of what is being asked.

The GAAGo and WatchLoi packages fit broadly into the normal price point around the world with €5 per game seen as a very reasonable ask and deep discounts depending on the number of games you sign up for.



The other key area the report covers is that of engagement and how sporting bodies are reaching out to fans.

Only 8 per cent have yet to roll out advertising though it is clear that with the technology in place already and the audience locked into a data bubble where advertisers will know more about them than would ever have been possible in linear media, this will change.


Sport for Business members can download a copy of the report here.


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