At our Sport for Business Women in Sport Conference earlier this month Olympic Federation of Ireland President Sarah Keane told us about the EU Action Plan that was published in March.

It is an important document and here today, we refresh what we published at the time and give those with an interest in this area the opportunity to download it and see what it could lead to…


Sport for Business March 15 2022

EU Gender Equality Report Outlines Sporting Measures

The Olympic Federation of Ireland has welcomed the publication of a new EU action plan and recommendations on the subject of gender equality in sport.

The EU High-Level group that completed the report was established at the end of 2020 by EU Commissioner, Mariya Gabriel.

The group was composed of 15 experts at European level, including OFI President Sarah Keane. It conducted work during 2021 focusing on six areas of engagement – participation, coaching and officiating, leadership; the social and economic aspects of sport; media coverage and gender-based violence.

The report is designed as a practical tool kit to achieve more gender equality in sport and to tackle issues such as gender-based violence, under-representation of women in decision making positions, and the urgent need to protect and empower women in sport.

It makes individual recommendations in each of the areas of engagement and goes further with separate suggestions on the way forward for each of the European Commission, the individual member state, international and national sporting organisations all the way through to grassroots entities.

This is an important document running to more than 40 pages and with, for example, five recommendations under the Leadership heading and 16 suggestions on how they can be facilitated.

“It has been a privilege to contribute to this important body of work to help shape the future of Gender Equality in Sport at EU level,” said Sarah Keane.

“The report is designed to provide a simple and actionable roadmap for stakeholders across the EU in a position to influence the future. Here in Ireland, as across the EU, it is vital that we all play our part and act upon these measures. They are tangible and will make real changes so that sport can genuinely be considered a place where all are welcome, regardless of gender.”

“Leadership is vitally important in driving these changes, so we call on everyone in positions of influence, men and women, to act upon these recommendations.”

“This report provides a great number of specific, measurable and attainable goals,” added Lochlann Walsh, Chair of the recently formed OFI Gender Equality Commission.

“It is up to each of us to ensure that we integrate them into our planning and set clearly defined time-frames for action. Gender Equality makes us all stronger and more representative of the athletes who participate, or who should feel welcome to participate, at all levels in our sports.”

“This report sets a very clear framework for progressing the cause of gender equality across sport,” said Olympic Federation of Ireland CEO Peter Sherrard.

“The work of the OFI’s new Gender Quality Commission in coaching and visibility will be important in driving many of these changes during the Paris Olympic cycle.”

“The OFI’s inclusion as one of eight National Olympic Committees in the European Olympic Committees Erasmus +, GAMES, project in 2022 (Guidance to Achieve More Equal leadership in Sport) will also be instrumental. We look forward to working within our organisation and with our member sports federations to make real progress in this important area.”

On Sport for Business next week we will look at each of the five core areas and see what can be done to make them a reality.

Download the report here from the Publications Office of the European Union



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