The US Open will be broadcast exclusively live in Ireland and the UK next year on Amazon.

The tournament was shown on Sky Sports since the channel was born in 1991 up until last year when it switched over to Eurosport.

From 2018 however, if you want to watch Nadal, Federer, Williams and Konta it will require another streaming service coming into your box or onto your device.

The online giant made its first major move into sport with the rights to a package of ten NFL games this year. the Tennis deal is a statement of its intent to use sport to build a larger base for its TV network.

The rights have been secured for the next five years at a cost of around €35 million. Eurosport remain the broadcaster across the rest of Europe.

IN the US today is the launch day for Sports Illustrated TV, a channel of documentaries and sports-themed movies initially, which will also be available to Amazon Prime subscribers and as part of a stand-alone service with a monthly subscription rate of €4.95.

Amazon Prime also signed a deal with Premier League club Manchester City to broadcast a documentary series charting the current season at the club.

Subscription to Amazon Prime Video which will be needed to watch next year’s US Open is currently on trial at €2.99 per month rising to €5.99 per month after six months. It also includes free membership of Twitch Prime, the egaming driven service that is an increasingly big player in the field of eSports.

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