Katie Taylor, Olympic Champion and World Champion

Six years on from her moment of Olympic Gold there is no sign of a lessening of the impact which Katie Taylor has on the sporting landscape of Ireland.

With the movie of her life about to hit the big screen and another World Title defence just about upon us she remains far and away the most recognised Irish sports star beyond the fandom of the back pages.

In last months annual Onside Sponsorship survey of the general public, she emerged once more in first place, overtaking Conor McGregor who briefly displaced her in 2017.

Taylor has been an iconic figure in Irish sport since well before she ‘sealed the deal’ with a Gold medal at the London Olympic Games.

She conquered one of the toughest sports we play and did so on behalf of herself, as an ambassador for Women’s right to play whatever sport they want and as a role model for young women.

She played soccer at international level as well and when she lost in Rio it was treated as a national disaster.

She has always been unassuming, modest, a young woman with an unfashionable adherence to her faith and no fear of expressing that.

A first time for Women’s boxing to headline a Sky Sports broadcast last December showed the influence she has beyond these shores.

Quite simply when she walks into a room she is greeted with a standing ovation and genuine warmth.  That is a level of influence that few in any walk of life can aspire to.

50 Women of Influence in Irish Sport 2018 is brought to you by Sport for Business in partnership with our friends at Liberty Insurance.

Over the coming weeks, we will identify more leaders on and off the field of play. They will include those who are role models in terms of their abilities and what they have achieved. They will come from teams and individual sports, from sponsorship partners, from the media, from the administrative corridors of power and from places where influence may be subtle but no less powerful.

We want your voice in who the remainder should be. Who do you come across in your working life within sport, or in your position as an observer, that you feel deserves recognition.

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This year we will be inviting each of our nominated 50 to join us at our Annual Women in Sport Conference, hosted this year in the studios of RTÉ on Wednesday morning, December 5th.

We will be unveiling the line up of speakers we have joining us over the coming weeks and will make places available to book, initially for Sport for Business members, from Monday, October 17th.

We will also be publishing this year’s Women of Influence list, together with other interviews and content relating to the cause of promoting Women in Sport in a commemorative booklet.

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