Figures released by Aviva Stadium caterers Compass over the weekend reveal that a record €1.17 million was spent on beer in the ground during the three Autumn Nations Series matches in rugby and the Republic of Ireland Vs Portugal World Cup Qualifier.

180,000 fans across the four games bought 190,000 pints, with rugby fans spending an average of €7 per visit on alcohol and football fans spending €3.

The football fans are not normally allowed to bring beer into the stadium seats but were for that one game to avoid crowding at the bars in mitigating against Covid.

Rugby matches though have always been more about the drink, as anyone who has had to get up in their seat to allow a tray of drinks to pass will attest to.

Speaking to the Independent’s Ian Mallon, A Compass manager said that “In general with the rugby, we’ve also seen that post-pandemic people are getting to the ground earlier (than football supporters), and enjoying the craic – it will be interesting to see what happens at the Six Nations and if fans have got used to it.”


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Pouring rights deals are an important revenue stream for venues and seeing that people are willing to get back into the social whirl of a matchday experience will be a strong positive for a sector that has been through the mill.


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