The Ireland and UK bid to host UEFA EURO 2028 has been submitted by way of a Preliminary Bid Dossier – a key moment in UEFA’s campaign process.

The bid sets out a clear and compelling vision for UEFA EURO 2028 under the banner ‘Football for all. Football for good. Football for the future’.

14 stadia have been included as potential host venues, the most surprising of which is probably that of Casement Park in Belfast, a stadium that has yet to be built.

In the absence of the Stormont Assembly, the bid is still being managed by officials in Northern Ireland. Whether sufficient work could be put in motion for Belfast to make the final list of ten venues that will be submitted in April 2023 has to be a doubt but at least the door has been left open.

Key to this vision is a commitment to diversity, social purpose and innovation in delivering an outstanding UEFA EURO 2028 that will create unforgettable memories in sold-out, iconic stadia in famous sporting cities known throughout the world.

The Government Partners of Ireland, the UK, Scotland, Wales, and officials in Northern Ireland have lent their support to the bid.

“Together, we believe we can deliver a world-class tournament, and that hosting UEFA EURO 2028 will achieve a strong and sustainable legacy for football and wider society, helping to drive economic growth in local communities,” said a statement co-signed by each of the bid partners.

“Working with UEFA, our plan is to host a tournament that will be a catalyst for transformational grassroots football development – with a promise to share legacy initiatives with European National Associations to accelerate growth across the continent.”

“Ireland and the UK’s track record of hosting successful major sporting events over many decades means we have the expertise and experience to take this world-class tournament to new heights.”

“Our compact plan and pioneering, multi-partner collaboration can usher in a new era for the EURO. Through the latest digital and marketing innovations, we will help UEFA and its partners engage new audiences and the world’s youth to extend the impact and reach of the tournament further than ever before.”

“I am delighted to confirm government support for this preliminary bid for EURO 2028,” added Minister of State for Sport Jack Chambers.

“I am confident we would be able to host a fantastic tournament for football fans which would place Ireland on the world stage and attract tens of thousands of visitors to our shores. Hosting EURO 2028 would also be a huge boost for football in this country with increased participation and would leave a lasting legacy to develop the game further, as well as strengthening ties with our partners north-south and east-west.”

“We now look forward to engaging with UEFA in the next phase of the bid process and will continue to work with our football and government partners to develop our hosting proposal further over the coming months.”

The 14 stadia include the Dublin Arena (Aviva Stadium) and Croke Park alongside Casement Park on the island of Ireland; Villa Park, Everton Stadium, the London Stadium, Tottenham Stadium, Wembley, the City of Manchester Stadium, Old Trafford, St James’s Park, The Stadium of Light, Hampden Park and the Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

Consultations with cities and stadia will continue into next year with a final list of 10 stadia to be submitted to UEFA in April 2023.

A decision will be known on the success or otherwise of the bid as early as September of next year.