We are pleased today to announce the dates and subjects of our next two Members Round Table events.

The first of these will be on the subject of Brand Ambassadors at the offices of BDO on the morning of Tuesday, April 16th.

The second will be on the subject of Reputation Management at the offices of William Fry on the morning of Tuesday, May 14th.

Both subjects are both topical and highly relevant within our commercial world of Irish sport.

The purpose behind our Members Round Table programme is to bring together smart minds that can shed new perspectives on the way we can as a community collaborate for common good.

Sometimes they serve as an end in themselves, sometimes they lead onto to other more tangible developments.  They never leave you feeling that you haven’t learned anything.

We will open each with a presentation on a key area within the subject area and follow up with a discussion that will enable shared knowledge to help us reach better and more informed decisions.

We will be issuing invitations to members who we believe this will be of interest to in the weeks commencing March 25th for the Brand Ambassador event and April 15th for the Reputation Management event.

If you would like to be considered to take part, in either event, please contact us today quoting Brand Ambassadors or Reputation Management in the subject line.

If you would like to host a Members Round Table in an area that is important to you or you believe would be of interest, we are currently scoping out our events in June and September.  As a group, we have a substantial opportunity to make a positive collective contribution.  We are always open to your ideas.