From tonight we will get to see the story of Ellen Keane played out on TV screens across the country as part of the Allianz Ireland multi-million campaign recognising moments of courage that have defined the lives of individuals and, in turn, inspired Irish society.

We Cover Courage, featuring Ireland’s youngest ever, and most successful Para swimmer will air on TV and digital from tonight.

Born missing the lower part of her left arm, Ellen suffered insecurities as a child, preferring to wear long sleeves to conceal her impairment rather than suffer the looks of those who thought her different. It wasn’t until Ellen’s mid-teens that she found the courage to wear short sleeves and to face the world with full confidence. It is this very personal story that the Allianz We cover Courage advertisement features.

There was a moment when shooting the advert in Dublin, when Ellen and the young girl playing her younger self, Tate Willis, met for the first time.

This was a significant moment for the young actor who was also born missing the lower part of her left arm. At an age when most young people are just trying to fit in, having one arm makes that even more of a challenge.

This girl was facing her own challenges in living with one arm and for her to meet Ellen, who had achieved so much, offered her a role model.

It’s a brilliant story of a brilliant athlete and something special that will now be shared with a wider audience than ever before.

Here for the first time is the full 40 second commercial

“I became so insecure about my arm because there was nobody in the media like me. There was nobody for me to relate to. I would like to go into media because I want to be seen.” said Keane.

“Sometimes I meet girls or boys with one arm or another disability, and they thank me. It’s nice to know I’m making a difference.” Ellen’s full story can be read here.

“In this latest chapter of our We Cover Courage campaign we step change from Donogh O’Malley to Ellen Keane, an icon for elite disability sport,” said Robert McEvoy, Head of Market Management, Allianz Ireland.

“Ellen’s work ethic, belief in her abilities and confidence beyond her years have seen her transcend Paralympic sport to become a household name and role model to young boys and girls in Ireland and abroad.”