It’s good to go into the weekend on a positive note and that’s what we have this morning with this story of The Green Wave that has been brought to life by Sport for Business member Elite Events.

The Green Wave is a social and emotional movement started to help support frontline staff during the impact of COVID-19.

The campaign is being run by the Elite Events team on a voluntary basis and the vision is for frontline staff to feel the gratitude and support from the public in a tangible way.

There are three key elements to the campaign;

• Pay it forward – make a donation to buy a cup of coffee for a frontline worker

• Show your support – don green clothes, Irish kit or county colours every Friday and share your pictures and videos on social media #thegreenwave

• Spread The Green Wave – tell others about The Green Wave and follow our social media accounts to hear about the great work going on and to tell us your own stories

Since launching last Thursday night The Green Wave has already raised over €8000 on a Go Fund Me page.

The campaign is being run by a group of volunteers working to make life a little bit more bearable for frontline staff.

Every penny raised will go towards supporting them. There is another aim to the campaign too which is to bring businesses to local coffee shops who will support the coffee campaign.

The public can also show their support by printing off a poster from which they can put up in their window.

“Like so many people we just wanted to do something to help,” said the founder of The Green Wave, Kelly Crichton.

“Looking at posts on social media and talking to our own friends and family on the frontline, there were common threads. The two that jumped out were; to know they were supported, and to be able to have a decent cup of coffee mid-shift that they didn’t have to leave the hospital for.”

“I thought, we can do this, and we delivered our first coffee within two days. We are urging the public to get behind this, get your green on every Friday and put it on social media – we need to show our support and gratitude for these awesome people.”

“If you can, donate the price of a cup of coffee and we’ll get it to them.”

Paul O’Carroll, owner of The Bookshelf Coffee Houses in Tralee and Cork has been delivering coffees with The Green Wave, “We wanted to do something to help, The Green Wave reached out to us and we got to work. It’s something small but we know people appreciate a good cup of coffee and we’re getting that to them when they are in exhausting situations.”

“We hope it can make things a little more bearable. I’d urge the public to really get behind this as well as other coffee shops to help grow The Green Wave and make our frontline workers feel our immense gratitude.”

The Green Wave is operating on a not-for-profit basis. All donations will go to supporting frontline staff beyond any costs incurred such as the cost of the cup of coffee.

Coffees have already been delivered to University Hospital Kerry, The Bon Secours Hospitals in Tralee and Cork, Cork University Hospital and the Mercy Hospital, University Hospital Limerick as well as Beaumont Hospital, Clontarf Hospital, St.Michael’s in Dub Laoghaire and the Mater in Dublin.

Coffee drops have also been delivered to a number of Garda Stations, nursing homes and other facilities. The Green Wave Coffee Campaign will deliver in Drogheda, Sligo, Mallow, Bantry and others in the coming days as well as other Dublin and Limerick Hospitals. It is hoped that once all hospitals are receiving coffees the campaign will expand to include further key workers.

The team are using social media to build support, drive donations and proliferate The Green Wave across the country.

All of this work will take place within the confines of the Irish Government’s hygiene guidelines and guidance on COVID-19 through remote working and with social distancing practised.

It’s a small thing but an important one. We are happy to support The Green Wave and we would encourage you to do likewise as your Friday Moment of Goodness today. Honestly, you will feel better for it.

Visit The Green Wave website here and make a donation to the Go Fund Me Campaign here

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