Greyhound Racing Ireland has launched a new scheme designed to assist greyhound owners across the Republic of Ireland in modernising and improving their existing kennels.

The Kennel Improvement Scheme is the latest in a series of initiatives introduced by the body over the past 12 months, including the RCÉ Traceability System, Serious Injury Scheme, Dental Assistance Scheme and the expansion of the Greyhound Care Centre Programme.

“The scheme is being introduced to ensure money is available to the greyhound industry to assist in the modernisation and ongoing improvement of the surroundings within which greyhounds are kept, with a view to improving the welfare of these animals,” said Frank Nyhan, Chair of the Governing Body for the sport.

“The objective of the scheme is to assist in the development and improvement of existing kennelling facilities within which greyhounds are kept in the Republic of Ireland. The objective is not merely to facilitate the expansion of existing kennels.”

“On receipt of a successful application, we will assist the applicant with a contribution up to 75 per cent of the cost to a maximum of €2,500,” added Greyhound Racing Ireland Veterinary Director William Fitzgerald.

“Funding for this scheme has been ringfenced and once all of the funding is allocated, applications will be suspended until the following year.”

Fitzgerald confirmed that the scheme also will require at least one visit from Greyhound Racing Ireland Welfare Officer.


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