This is not about sport, but it is something that is felt by girls and women who play sport every day.

It is not about men, but it is something that every man needs to be aware of.

It has come to light once more because of the terrible crime that was committed in broad daylight in County Offaly against a young woman who went out for a run and never came back.

Aisling Murphy’s murder has struck a deep chord but we cannot just treat it as today’s moment of anger and then move on. We have to do better and that starts with all of us as individuals.

Call out sexism, think about your own behaviour. Talk to teams before training this weekend about why behaviour that makes anyone feel threatened or uncomfortable is so totally and utterly wrong.

Make a difference in your own circle of influence and make a difference that will make a tragedy like Aisling Murphy’s less likely.

Do not just shake your head and walk by. Do not leave it up to someone else to do something.

Today’s Daily Video asks Is This OK? No, it is not.


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