Media Spotlight is a new column which will run each Tuesday focused on the world of sports media here in Ireland and further afield.

We will bring together news, analysis, interviews and other content looking to deliver a better understanding of how the sports media works and how it is in an ever changing state of flux.

We will also highlight a different podcast each week which we think you might enjoy.



It may be one for the quizzes of the future.  Last Saturday’s victory for Southampton over Man City, a largely meaningless affair, still produced the highest ever viewing figure for a Premier League football match since its inception back in 1992.

Of course it was the post lockdown factor of being broadcast in prime time on free to air BBC that made the difference but still it only reached less than half the numbers that would tune in for an international match at a major finals.

The Man City Vs Arsenal game that was shown live on the opening night of the restart attracted 3.4 million viewers to Sky Sports so the gap between paywall and free to air has never been closer.



Data published in Britain by BARB, the Broadcasters Audience Research Board reveals that Liverpool were the biggest draw throughout the 2019/20 Premier League season up until earl February.

Their average viewing figures were 1.662 million, with Man United on 1.520 million, Tottenham on 1.286 million, Chelsea on 1.143 million and Man City on 1.136 million making up the top five.

Arsenal with 1.117 million, Wolves with 1.108 million and Everton with 1.o64 were the others to break an average viewership of one million.

Brighton, Burnley, Crystal Palace, West Ham and Bournemouth all attracted average audiences of less than 750,000.



Shift+F1 is our Formula 1 podcast of choice and fitting to include them this week with the return of the sport to the track in Austria last weekend.

It was set up in 2014 and has a catalogue of over 100 episodes for its weekly show during the season.

Last week they had a preview of the Austrian race with all the inside gossip on driver moves, technical enhancements for the new season and plenty of inside knowledge from a team clearly in love with the sport but not blind to its shortcomings.

The three main presenters are Drew Scanlon, Danny O’Dwyer and Rob Zacny.  O’Dwyer is Irish, based now in the United States, where he produces crowdfunded documentaries on gaming for his day job and chats motorsport for this podcast. He is a graduate of Waterford Institute of Technology and gives an Irish lilt to proceedings that is rare enough across F1.

If you want to understand the technicalities behind the sport this is a great place to start.

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