Sustainability and security are the two key drivers behind the decision by UEFA to distribute all tickets for Euro 2020 via its own mobile ticketing app.

It is a step-change in the way tickets are distributed but will almost certainly become the standard following this mass outreach.

The blockchain-based mobile ticketing system will provide secure ticket distribution and help prevent the replication and duplication of tickets, with QR codes only being activated by Bluetooth once fans are in close proximity to the stadium.

The system was successfully trialled at the UEFA Nations League finals in June of last year for which over 110,000 tickets – representing 80 per cent of the tickets available – were successfully delivered to mobile phones for the four matches.

Fans who purchased UEFA EURO 2020 tickets during the December 2019 sales phase and later sales phases closer to the tournament will receive their tickets as mobile tickets via the UEFA EURO 2020 mobile tickets app.

This will be available for download towards the end of May 2020 for Android and iOS phones.

Mobile tickets will be delivered to the app no later than seven days before the match. In total, UEFA expects to deliver over one million mobile tickets to fans across all 51 matches. Applications had been received for over 28 million tickets.

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Fans will benefit from an improved fan experience as they can easily transfer their tickets to their guests using the app’s transfer function, which will facilitate their entry into the stadium.

Supporters who purchase ‘Follow my team’ tickets will receive their mobile tickets only once their team has qualified for a specific match. The ability to deliver mobile tickets to fans close to matchday will remove the need for fans to visit ticket collection points to exchange ticket vouchers.

Once fans have downloaded their tickets, the only requirements are for them to have Bluetooth activated when approaching the stadium and to ensure their phones are fully charged.

It promises to be a technical challenge but also a precursor to how all tickets will be distributed in time.

Image Credit: UEFA