The 2020 Irish Sport Industry Awards, managed and delivered by the Federation of Irish Sport, are a highlight of the year and we are now just over a week away from the closing date for applications.

Rob Hartnett from Sport for Business will Chair the judging panel drawn from the great and the good of Irish sport and business.

The judging process is completely open and transparent and the group of eleven judges will meet over a long day’s coffee and deliberation to determine that the ultimate winners really are the best of the best.

In order to be in the mix to be recognised by your peers, we have to know about the work that you have been doing.

Over the coming days, we will highlight each of the awards that is open to public nomination and explore what the criteria are that we will be looking to judge against.

Best Sustainability Initiative
This award serves to reward a brand or organisation that has recognised the importance of environmental sustainability in the work that they do. Whether that is through a specific programme/initiative or the organisation itself, this award will highlight activities that support the importance of environmental sustainability in the sporting sector.
This is a new category for 2020
Judging criteria:

  • Evidence of action/change in the organisation relating to environmental sustainability.
  • Evidence of an innovative approach to a programme or initiative to make it more environmentally sustainable.
  • Evidence of long term plans to continue to innovate in the area of environmental sustainability.

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National Governing Body of the Year
This award shall recognise the national governing body – be it small, medium or large – for an outstanding performance over the course of the last 12 months, be it from the good governance perspective or promotion of the sport and its benefits.
Previous winners:
2019 Cricket Ireland
2018 Gymnastics Ireland
2016 Paralympics Ireland
Judging criteria

  • Evidence of progress on the sporting front.
  • Evidence of carrying out successful campaigns.
  • Evidence of good governance.
  • Evidence of contributing to the promotion of sport as a whole and its benefits in Ireland.

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Local Sports Partnership Initiative of the Year
This award shall reward the best initiative that promotes physical activity and/or community engagement carried out by a Local Sports Partnership in Ireland.
Previous winners:
2019 Cork Local Sports Partnership – Staying Fit for the Future
2018 Cork Local Sports Partnership – Cork Sports Ability
2016 West Cork Community Sport and Physical Activity Hub
Judging criteria

  • Evidence that the initiative addressed a need, solved a problem and/or seized an opportunity.
  • Evidence of an effective communication strategy around the initiative.
  • Overall impact the initiative had/will have on the community.
  • Effective use and adherence to budget.

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