Old Runners Fans always want to feel part of the team they follow.  In the US the Sacramento Kings basketball team have come up with a neat way to do just that, and lock in value for partners as well. A new arena rising in the city centre will use a form of rubber base developed by Nike as one of the key components in the playing surface.

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The easiest way to do this would just be to buy rubber and put it through the Nike Grind process that delivers it to the right spec. The smartest way though is to invite your fans to bring along their old training shoes and donate them to be part of what they will be looking at later this year. Smart has won over easy and the fans were asked to bring along their shoes last Wednesday and add to a social media storm with why their old shoes should be part of the future.



For fans that couldn’t get there on the night selected tweets meant the Kings staff would turn up to you and collect them in person. Nike claim to have recycled 29 million pairs of shoes over the last 25 years so that’s a lot of rubber in store but the idea of nominating your shoe to be part of your teams future has a bit of magic to it.

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