Sport for Business hosted our latest Members Round Table event yesterday looking at the world of Brand Ambassadors.

We were hosted by BDO’s Ciaran Medlar, touted in places this morning as a potential candidate to become CEO of the FAI, or at least to play a major role, an idea which those present would think had a lot of merit.

We were also joined by Niall Woods of Navy Blue Sports, Declan Bourke of Sport Endorse and David McHugh of Line Up SME, three of the individuals raising the game between players and brands.

Matt Hoban from the Gaelic Players Association and newly elected President of the Women’s Gaelic Players Association were there as was Elma Beirne from the FAI looking at things from a rights holder perspective.

Gemma Bell from Bank of Ireland, Coman Goggins from AIB and Shireen McDonagh from Life Style Sports added their experience from some of the major brands that are involved in sport and utilising sporting stars to amplify their message.

Niamh Holohan from Aura Leisure and Kevin Moore from Legacy Communications also made vital contributions as we got to talking about a range of issues from how to get the best from any partnership, the importance of planning and communication before the first engagement, how to cope when things don’t go according to the script, how to manage social media and how important that is as a channel.

It was a lively session with plenty of learning on all sides and we were delighted to play our part in bringing it together.

We left after two hours a little wiser and a little inspired on how to do things better.  That’s what we alwasy hope for from bringing smart minds together.

We will gather again as a group to look at certain areas in greater depth later in the year, particularly in the relationship that brands and players have across areas of commercial benefit and cause.

Our next two Members Round Tables will be on Reputation Management, hosted by William Fry on May 14th, and on the Ability in Disability in early June.

Contact us today if you would like to get involved in our Round Table Series as one of the benefits of Sport for Business Membership.