Ireland has been performing to an incredible standard in the European Sponsorship Awards in recent years and yesterday in Brussels Edel McCarthy of Electric Ireland gave a powerful insight into why at the European Sponsorship Summit.
Darkness into Light is at its most simple a group of people walking towards dawn at a number of locations to raise awareness for mental wellbeing.
To anyone who has experienced it first hand though it is a deeply affecting example of the human spirit at its best, tackling the times when it is at its most fragile.
Electric Ireland has used their support to turn it into something special for communities and for the brand.
That was the story which Edel told yesterday and according to our friends at Core Sponsorship, she left the room in ‘tears and goosebumps.’
Not only was it a very big screen as can be seen in the image above but it was a very strong platform with other speakers on the day including coming from the TOP Olympic Programme, Mastercard, Barclaycard, Vitality and BNP Paribas.
Jay Wilson was another Sport for Business Member to appear on stage, as was Jamie Macken from Core. It was another impressive performance from Team Ireland.