We have gone behind the scenes for today’s Daily Interview. Ramsey Cardy is a photographer with Sportsfile.

He was watching the firestorm that blew up around race in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd and as a photographer, got to thinking about how he might capture a piece of work that reflected this moment in time.

“Being a sports photographer with not a lot of sport on at the moment I had a bit of time and I wanted to see what i could do to give Irish athletes a voice in this debate.”

“I went to Marcus o Buachalla and Conor Sharkey at Leinster Rugby to see what they thought and they approached Adam Byrne first to see what he thought.”

“They liked it and so the project went from there.”

“I reached out through contacts and social media and there was a great level of support out there.”

We went into the creation of the graphics and the where the project might go from here.

It’s a great project and it was good to go straight to the source of inspiration.