Each week we bring you a taste of what is happening around the commercial world of esports. We will focus on advances in the Irish sector when there are some, as well as on some of the commercial deals which are taking place and fuelling the rapid growth of this area within the world of sport.

Today we highlight two major stories we carried on Sport for Business through the week from Ireland’s leaders in the space Legion and Epic Global, as well as looking further afield with news on the expansion of Fortnite and the hacking of Twitch…






Epic Global, the Irish agency behind Manchester United player Jesse Lingard’s recent move into esports, has partnered with disability charity Rehab Group and its education and training division, National Learning Network, to launch an educational programme called “Game On”.

The programme is designed to expand the skill sets of people with disabilities in esports and gaming.

The new programme will offer modules on ‘Introduction to esports and gaming’ as well as injecting esports themes into existing STEM programmes offered by Rehab Group and National Learning Network.

As part of the programme, Epic Global and Rehab Group have also partnered with tennis-based VR esports company VR Motion Learning, to support students with a disability to increase their physical movement through the power of virtual gameplay.

Read more about the initiative here






Legion Esports, Ireland’s leading esports company, has launched a new esports series specifically for Irish third-level students.

This is the latest signifier of the growth of esports and is targeted at a very active userbase.

As the only third-level esports series in Ireland, Legion Collegiate will provide students with the opportunity to go head to head with fellow esports competitors with over 20 Irish universities and colleges already signed up.

Speaking ahead of the launch of the new college series, Legion Esports Co-Founder & CEO Stuart Dempsey believes there is significant potential to develop a world-class student series in Ireland.

“Legion Collegiate is a hugely exciting opportunity for us. The popularity of esports amongst third level students has been obvious for a number of years now, and we’re looking forward to providing them a platform to showcase their skills and go head to head with other college teams in Ireland and beyond.”


Read more about the move here





Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite are reported to considering branching out into the wider entertainment sphere.

A new division has been created that will focus on scripted TV shows and movies.  The concept of a Fortnite movie or franchise is clearly to the fore but not exclusively.

97 per cent of the company’s revenues came from the single brand in 2018 but that is expected to fall to 77% in the coming year.  Revenue in 2020 was €3.85 Billion.

The gaming technology used by the company has also been licensed and is being used by other developers.






The recent well publicised hack of the Twitch streaming service gave rise to juicy headlines about the millions made by those with the biggest audiences on the platform.

The top 10,000 money makers, out of an estimated streaming population on the platform of nine million had their income levels revealed with some in the millionaire category.

The steepness of the pyramid though is pretty similar to the elite in any sport with the numbers below that, even within the top 0.1 per cent of streamers, making less than the US Minimum wage.

It also revealed that only three per cent of those top 10,000 are women which has to be a cause for concern in terms of the way that brands will see eSports as well as its capacity to continue to grow across all sectors of the population.






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