Onside published its 16th Annual Irish Sponsorship Industry Report this week and we were joined by Strategic Consultant Jon Long to talk through some of the figures to emerge, including the forecast that this year’s Irish sponsorship market will grow by eight per cent to a value of €195 million.

You can read our full report on the publication here.

The headline figure is only one of the many gems to emerge from this survey of over 100 leading figures across the Irish sport and sponsorship sector.

Here are some of the moments in the video interview above that might catch your eye or ear…

01:15 “What the industry is telling us is that there is optimism around what has happened in 2021 and what will happen in 2022.”

02:00 “Is the growth coming from existing deals or is there room for new opportunities to make a mark?”

03:00 “Is there a difference in the level of confidence being expressed by the rights holders and the sponsors?”

04:00 “What is the proportion of the overall marketing budget that is assigned to sponsorship?”

04:44 “Unquestionably this was the breakthrough year for the marketability of Irish sport.”

05:50 “Are there any new sectors that we might be looking towards for sponsorship growth?”

07:00 The difference between authentic, smart, tricky and fun connections that partnerships will look to work on.


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