We have had a great response from among Sport for Business members to our call around the establishment of Special Interest groups across an initial ten areas.

Later today we will be in touch with those that have put their hands up to see what we can do in the first areas to come together.
If you would like to join the more than 50 individuals that have said they would like to get involved, let us know below before 12 noon so that we can begin to assign individuals to groups.

From media and innovation to women in Sport and Sport for Social Good, we are creating groups from among the membership to guide the way in which we can all as a community make a real difference.

“Sport for Business brings a unique mix of those in the sporting world and those from the commercial sphere,” said Rob Hartnett.

“Bringing the two sides together generates fresh thinking from the meeting of smart minds and different perspectives.”

“Each of the groups will come together over the coming months, either in a physical or a virtual manner and will play a key part in harnessing the power of the collective group that is our membership.”

“We have already had a response that would be strong enough to fill five of the groups and the interest has come from national and international sporting bodies, major sponsors, media representatives, agencies and key players in wider society.”

“As we face a period of time where social distancing will become the norm we are keen to ensure that the connections which help us all to keep the show on the road are maintained.”

If you are a Sport for Business member you can register your interest to take part in one of our Special interest groups below.

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Image Credit: Sport for Business