The sports technology sector is like the space race of decades past. What is created to enhance human performance in the sporting arena will have a huge impact on other areas of society.

Great strides are taking place around the world, including here in Ireland.

Each week we will bring you a round-up of the latest stories that are making a stir.

Today we look at a partnership between two Irish tech brands in the sporting arena, another step into women’s sport for Whoop, the advance of healthy stadia in the United States and the dawn of XR…





If you feel that Cryptocurrency is filling more and more of your timeline, you are probably right. And if you are an NBA fan it’s about to become even more so.

The Staples Centre, home to the LA Lakers, is to become the Centre in a swap of sponsorship from a retailer of stationery products to a digital form of how you might buy stuff in them.





Just when you were getting on top of the benefits of virtual and augmented reality, along comes another form of reality through technology, that of XR or extended reality.

Sport is likely to lead the way in its development with Naomi Osaka and LeBron James named as early investors in a company called StatusPro.

Founded in 2020 by American Football stars Troy Jones and Andrew Hawkins.

It takes data from a player in live-action and translates that into a video play where the player and their coaches can put them in what happened without physically recreating it.

Obvious benefits for analysis and improvement of decision making, while imagine the fan engagement of being able to see a shot, make a tackle or score a goal from the exact perspective of your sporting hero.

It’s still in development but the potential is exciting…






Clubforce has teamed up with STATSports in a move that will advance the creation of a sports technology ecosystem that will be accessible to all clubs and not just for those teams at the elite end of sport.

The Galway based company has transformed the way sports clubs are managed from an administration perspective and is now in place in over 2,000 clubs across Ireland and further afield.

It is a long term member of the Sport for Business community and these are exciting times for Warren Healy and the team he leads.

Clubforce technology is best known for allowing volunteers, parents and players to work together effectively, receiving the right information at the right time so everyone can participate to their very best.

The software company has been operating in Ireland since 2008 and has pioneered automation technology in this space by listening carefully to clubs and volunteers across the country and now more recently internationally.

STATSports provides an all-encompassing sports science and performance analysis service within the elite sporting industry.

They have advanced the application of sports science within high-profile sporting organisations including Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Brazil, South Africa Rugby, the New York Yankees, Miami Dolphins, Tyrone and Dublin Gaelic football and Galway Hurling.

In 2017, STATSports launched their revolutionary APEX device which is worn by athletes during training sessions. Only last week we wrote about their expansion to a consumer audience in the United States launching their first TV advertisement in that market.

“We are thrilled to partner with a technology company like STATSports,” said CEO Warren Healy.

“Their story is inspirational, and our global ambitions are shared. Both teams are on a mission to build an ecosystem for the future so the industry can bring the benefits of sports to as many people as we can worldwide.”

“We’re incredibly excited at Clubforce as we know exactly what the STATSports technology can generate for our customers.”

“Strategic partnership is important to STATSports,” added co-founder Sean O’Connor.

“It’s never a case of signing on with other organisations for the sake of it. Clubforce are another thriving Irish company in the technology space who complement our core mission in helping sports teams reach their ultimate potential.”

“We offer these teams and their staff their time back with the best performance analysis technology platforms in the industry. Clubforce provides a similar service to their clients with their all-in-one club management platform. We’re a good match and we’re delighted to synergise with them.”

The Sport for Business Perspective:

The measured athlete and in turn the measured self is one of the technology game changers that is filtering quickly from the very top of sport to everyone who pulls on a shirt or laces up a shoe. This combination of two strong and ambitious Irish companies is a marker for how Ireland can be a global hub for sports techno0logy and innovation. 




Whoop has announced a new partnership with VoiceInSport, a global sports company that provides girls and women in sport access to over 80 top experts in sport psychology, sports nutrition and women-specific health, as well as mentorship and educational content written by women athletes.

The new partnership is a development of the Women’s Performance Collective created by the company who have their European base here in Dublin.

The WPC is a diverse coalition of academic experts and top athletes from around the globe. Each member was selected for their contribution to sports, research, and industry influence.

Together, these leaders will elevate the commitment of WHOOP to educate and empower women to manage their sleep, recovery, fueling and training to optimize their health.

Members of the WPC’s founding class include Nutritionist, author, medical doctor, and podcast host, Dr Hazel Wallace. Paralympic track and field athlete and commentator Scout Bassett, neuroscientist and former CrossFit Games athlete Dr Allison Brager, CrossFit Doctor and podcast host Dr Julie Foucher, Olympic bobsledder and 2020 World Champion Lauren Gibbs, Olympic track and field athlete, two-time World Champion, and maternal health advocate Alysia Montaño, Olympic runner and women’s health and mental health advocate Colleen Quigley, renowned author and female physiology and nutrition expert Dr Stacy Sims, professional tennis player, WTA and advocate Sloane Stephens, NCAA 400 meter hurdle National Champion and first transgender woman to win an NCAA title CeCe Telfer, and CrossFit’s 2x Fittest Woman on Earth Annie Thorisdottir.

Each year, the WPC will seek to empower a new slate of representatives to ensure representation and support across disciplines.

“At WHOOP, we recognize the importance of elevating female voices and supporting female physiology and research,” said Kristen Holmes, Vice President of Performance Science at WHOOP.

“We are proud to create the Women’s Performance Collective as a continuation of our investments across women’s sports, performance, and wellness.”

In the year ahead, the WPC will drive new research, test upcoming product features and more.

WHOOP and the WPC will work to continue to address the research and education gap within women’s performance, as currently only 3 per cent of sport science research is focused exclusively on women.

To date, WHOOP has led research unique to female physiology regarding the menstrual cycle of collegiate athletes, patterns of hormones and recovery across the menstrual cycle, and pregnancy.

The establishment of the WPC also comes swiftly following the company’s announcement of a multi-year partnership with the Women’s Tennis Association.

VoiceInSport provides young women aged from 13 to 23 with access to exclusive content written by women athletes, mentorship from 150 collegiate and professional athletes, and live, virtual clinical and non-clinical sessions with over 80 of the top experts in sports science, sports nutrition, and sports psychology.

Over the course of the partnership, WHOOP will sponsor 100 collegiate athletes with a WHOOP membership and VoiceInSport membership.

Interested athletes will be selected via an application process on the VoiceInSport website with 25 being selected per quarter. WHOOP has also made its industry-leading wearable technology available to VoiceInSport content creators, mentors and community members.

Sport for Business will be diving deeper into the benefits of Whoop as part of our Women in Sport coverage over the next twelve months.




We comfort ourselves with the feeling that outdoor stadia are perfectly safe in relation to Covid, once we take normal precautions. In the United States though, what you think might not be enough.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have become the second NFL team to sign up to Honeywell’s Healthy Building dashboard.

It monitors air quality, carbon dioxide, humidity and temperature, with an alert system to notify staff of any issues that might arise.

Health and Safety have dominated our lives for the past two years and will continue to do so for a fair while yet.Could this be a sign of things to come?




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