The Sport for Business Super Quiz is open for entries but you’ll need to move quick if you want to take part.

Last year’s event was a big winner for the teams that took part from across the Sport for Business membership and we are ready to go again, pitching the best and the brightest in a format that requires smart thinking, good luck and a competitive streak.

Last year we had Newstalk take on the GAA, AIG go head to head with Legacy Communications and ultimately Teneo winning through in the final against 2 Into 3.

The reigning champions have indicated they are ready to defend their title.  Could yours be the organisation to take them down?

All we are asking at the moment is that you indicate below that you are interested in entering a team.  We will then determine the best format based on the number of teams that want to take part.  We will try to be imaginative and give everyone a good experience.

We will run the tournament from early May 2021, with each contest planned to take up around 30-45 minutes.

The Sport for Business Super Quiz will take place in a virtual format in the early stages and who knows what will be possible once we get to a final.

If you would be interested in entering one or more teams from your organisation, please indicate that below as well.

The closing date for entries is Friday, April 30th.


There are more than 250+ members of the Sport for Business network of sporting and business organisations working together across a number of key areas.


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